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god I'm glad I have a single-user instance, even if it costs a few coffees each month

Streamed some Blackout Club earlier with some friends.

Here's me getting scared during it

I like big bats
itty bitty bats
Mississippi bats
Inner city bats

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It always amuses me how many new bat furries I see every October, though some of them seem to disappear after Halloween, so maybe they're like werewolves and Halloween/October turns them into a bat temporarily like a full moon sorta


chicken burger with pineapple, why are you so tasty

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instead of people complaining about pineapple on pizza, they should complain about this instead

whenever I order pizza I think back to this special offer and hate it

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What is a bat?
A miserable little pile of squeakrets.

sometimes I wish I made my instance using my domain but is pretty good too

meta i guess? 

for anyone following me here who decides to leave masto, if you wanna interact with me elsewhere or listen to my constant posts about bats, you can find me on twitter as @theDotbat

I barely use social media in general so you'll see me post in bursts there or on here

otherwise I'll still be here on my own little instance, squeaking away about coffee and being gay

also is there new drama today or something? I've been off masto for a bit

my worm-infested planet also has a random moon-like plant thing named u.muskyindusea

more like uwu musky in da sea

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slowly getting into no man's sky and getting my bearings, game is neat but damn am I sad that I missed out on buying this pink penis shaped ship cause I was broke

Gonna stream some No Man's Sky today, I dunno what I'm doing but I hate giant space worms. Come say hi!

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IRC users probably remember how much large trout slaps

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Single user instance for a bat furry. Gimme some strawberries.