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slowly getting into no man's sky and getting my bearings, game is neat but damn am I sad that I missed out on buying this pink penis shaped ship cause I was broke

Gonna stream some No Man's Sky today, I dunno what I'm doing but I hate giant space worms. Come say hi!

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IRC users probably remember how much large trout slaps

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meta i guess? 

I keep seeing meta posts about snouts on my TL and have no idea what's been going on over there for a while now since I get like the vaguest posts and no context + I suck at using social media and rarely am on it

perpetually out of the loop but I hope things're going okay for all my friends and stuff

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Oh you love dick? Have you seen them live?

cursed vr bat 

W̭̘̩̗̥̟ḥy̤̖̬̭̜ ̯̼̳̣̰͉̞a̘͕͎ͅr͈͜ͅẹ̹̥̱̲ t̴h̳͈̣̳ę̪̠̻ ̛̲s̢͓̠͓t̀r̞a̧͉̦͈͉ẉ̦b̴͉e̲͎̫͚͈̱̙r̡͙r̯̥̣͘i̹̝e̱s̹̙̭͍ ̴̠͚̠̠͉a̶̗̳͔͕l̹͉͉͖͖l̙̲̘̰̟̼͎ ̛g̰͎̻ó̝̮̲ṉ̷e̡̠ͅ?͓̩̻̫

Only 52 days to go

I can already feel my bat powers growing as we grow nearer

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instead of people complaining about pineapple on pizza, they should complain about this instead

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<stream thread> nsfw explicit-toys, leash, bat guy presenting 

big bat butt for ur viewing pleasure, for @bat

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My top 5 emoji:
🍆 👀 💦 🦇 🔒

hmmm, what could it mean

Oh, give me the bean juice, and free my soul
I wanna get lost in my cup of joe and drift away

𝓭 𝓻 𝓻 𝓻 𝓻 𝓻 𝓻 𝓸 𝓹 𝓵 𝓮 𝓽𝓼

I was gone for like the weekend and apparently missed quite a lot that happened on Mastodon recently

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a series of images which causes me to draw my bat boy more

1 cup of coffee ain't enough for today

Avatar was made by @JoshuaMK2 on Twitter for those curious~

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