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of course i butcher the lyrics when typing this lmao oops

"You appeared in 56 searches this week"

thanks linkedin but I haven't updated you in years so please don't

Everytime We Touch by Cascada is stuck in my head

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I need to learn/practice drawing bodies instead of just random facial expressions so I think I might learn the bean method

Good news, somebody informed me there is a weekend at the end of every week.

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Why can't there be a second weekend, one isn't enough.

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I think it might be fun to someday coordinate a thing with an artist for a "date night with Taw" where it's a sort of YCH for a mini-comic for a date night with my bat. Maybe have a few prompts/scenes the winner can choose from. (possibly lewd ones too~)

Of course I'd pay my half for the art I'd be in upfront, but it'd make it fun for those 2-person pic ideas when I don't have someone to split it with normally. I dunno. :v

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Dibidi ba didi dou dou
Di ba didi dou

Anyone know of any good alternatives for synchronized streaming for movie nights with friends?

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so close to the weekend

more like

the squeakend

Super Animal Royale moved bats from level 30 to level 60 (I was level 19 before).

New xp system though so you get like 4x the xp you used to, plus they moved me to level 39.

Guess I know what I'm working on getting unlocked this weekend. πŸ¦‡ πŸ‘€

🎡 Furry little squirrel I need you
I don't think that I want to be you 🎡

('Egg' by Shoe)

asked for some ideas for a halloween themed commission on FA cause I have a /ton/ of watchers and would love to hear their ideas on what I should go for, but I have a feeling I'm gonna get like maybe 1 response at most lmao

@DogMotif yeah I can see that easily

I work in telecommunications mostly but also occasionally in the games industry (I do contracted work so it's whoever pays me more and for how many hours to do whatever they need)

pretty sure a huge chunk of coworkers are furry, though it's harder to tell cause I keep my work and private life separate and don't get to know many of them well

one time an old boss wanted to add me on steam to play games sometime and I pretended I didn't use it lmfao

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