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my notifications exploded and I can't keep up omg what happen

i should make more of my bat stickers on telegram use the ⚾ emoji and see who notices

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my legs are still killing me after falling super hard on ice on sat, rip

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idk how people can talk like with that whole "uwu hewwo, how awe you?" type stuff 24/7, I stared at it for like 20 seconds before deciding to post

god this chocobo plush is massive

also featuring my fat cat

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earlier i was adding lewd stuff to my telegram sticker pack and i almost dropped it into my work slack cause it was underneath my telegram window lmao

Good thing Exponential Entropy is easy to memorize

Forward and back and then go forward and back
And then go forward and back, then put one foot forward

I need to memorize the lyrics to some of the songs, especially raids/trial ones so I can obnoxiously sing to them to my friends while we try and beat up the bosses


I've been listening to a bunch of Final Fantasy music today like Answers and Battle on the Big Bridge. FFXIV has got me incredibly addicted lately again.

I'm behind on updating everything, ahhh

My cutebats website doesn't have my latest art commissions on it yet and I think I keep forgetting to update my age on it... since July. <_<

I like how I went to bed earlier than normal today and got less sleep cause my body was all like "Sleeping early? That must mean wake you up in the middle of the night several times and flare up some pain."

I got my coffee but my legs are super numb and my nose is cold

last night my two friends and I blindly went into the 24-man alliance raids in FFXIV (Rabanastre and Lighthouse) and were basically like WHAT IS GOING ON OMG in voice while struggling not to die and learn everything on the fly

my favourite part was on some boss, there was a marker for A and a gigantic column spawned so we ran to it, only to have the pillar fall on us for 99999 damage

i almost felt bad for the 21 other people who had to deal with us but the runs went pretty smooth overall

i hope the sidewalks will be decently clear cause i still wanna go grab coffee for lunch

so much snow lately, jeeze

getting another six inches today too

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