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also if you look very carefully you will see the phantom power supply for my microphone (also converts XLR to USB)

I put a piece of zebra striped duct tape over the light because it is basically BLINDINGLY BRIGHT at night

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@pandora_parrot Thanks!

I didn't hook up my webcam and my VR equipment is hidden behind the monitors.

Also not pictured is my local networked media server for backup and syncing files across my devices

@otteruw8ing4 I use it for both personal use and work so I've slowly been expanding/upgrading it over the years to suit my needs, haha

Here's a pic of my new setup.

Turns out the 2 monitor mount wasn't strong enough for my middle/right monitors, so they aren't mounted.

Left monitor is my tablet so I can now pull it out and doodle on it much easier and more often!

@Galuade I can't think of a clever reply to this @_@

@ShugoWah only thing that comes to mind for me is M83 but I think that's not right, hmm

Once I'm off work today I can clear off my desk and rearrange everything now that I got my monitor stands and such. Might share some pics of it once it's done! probably not :c hope they feel better soon! get someone to rub 'em better

lewd domain names sometimes i give friends a subdomain redirect so it's like <name> and goes to their twitter, etc

lewd domain names

my favourite domain name that I own is mildly lewd, which is

I've got Cosmic Castaway by Electrasy stuck in my head. If you've seen the movie Titan A.E. you might recognize the song.

🎡 But I'm not broken, in my dream I win
In here I'm nothing, a Cosmic Castaway 🎡

findom but they dom me by giving me gifts cause they know I'm AWFUL at accepting anything for free

... fuck lmao, that wasn't intentional ah, well i'm bat at keeping up with jokes/trends so I'm glad it wasn't too stale then

I see why you like it now


has this joke been made already

@DogMotif tell them they clearly suck at data analysis if they aren't recommending /r/lucario to you

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