probably porn games

those seem to make a crazy amount of monthly income


@Duende why don't i see any then :c

sfw barbiedoll nudity drawing. boosts acceptable 

@6MY oh damn this looks awesome


you could probably set this up with a vive tracker in Neos or something I imagine similar to a hip tracker


very nice choices!

My very first GW2 character was a human necromancer that was incredibly pale/sickly named Unhealthy but I deleted him eventually (should have kept him for bday gifts) and someone snagged the name haha


My crafting alt is a charr named Charrfetched

and my personal guild for extra storage is Flamboyant Sharkrats [LGBT] (and to rep during the pride marches)

I actually had this guild renamed from: An Error Has Occurred [Null]

also used to have a guild called Thieves are Squishy [Ouch] for my thief main but I deleted it when I needed a spot for a real one

nsfw, teasing duende 

@it_wasnt_arson @Duende

is it even considered thrusting when you only gotta buck your hips like 5 cm to press fully in



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nsfw nude reference sheet, feline, genitals visible 


i fancy him

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nsfw nude reference sheet, feline, genitals visible 

sleek and powerful sheet done for FancyCatt

see: beans (important)


there's a chastity joke in here somewhere

getting VR Chat ready

gotta make sure that shading looks real good

nsfw size theft kink / dommy 

@Jarey_ @Duende πŸ‘€


Hopefully this video works fine on here.

Here's a test the other day of my bat avatar in Neos VR. Since this was made there's been a few tweaks, such as eye blinking, a bunch of expressions can be done (blush, cry, frown, smile, wing movements, etc), nose can be booped, etc.

Avatar was made by Scout (JoshuaMK2) on Twitter :3

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