why play a battle royale when you can play a bat royale

it's just 100 fruit bats competing to see who is the fruitiest

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@anna oh, I didn't know that they were bought

guess I should check who I chat with often and see if anyone's on there and potentially block the instance

@coyotefluid reminds me of some old ass song on youtube where it's like:

"By the time you think you've catalogued every furry kink, they'll throw you for a loop and go and fuck the kitchen sink."

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kanban and gitea set up for this project

now to get everything organized and get things rolling

and to find more devs (particularly front-end) who wanna tinker on a web project that's sorta like gaia online but more furry-centric

currently in early stages but there's some neat features planned, idk if I wanna reveal too much info right away

@apow for bat chats I've been in, a few times there were almost a minority of bats in them and a lot of other species, which was interesting

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