ranting about shipping, valve/steam 

ranting about shipping, valve/steam 

ranting about shipping, valve/steam 


class is now done fully on Second Life

You teleport in to the designated location after changing your avatar to look normal

then your professor teleports in, and it's a furry you hooked up with the night before

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All classes move online. Zoom is unable to handle the server load of every campus in the country, so professors seek out other methods.

One professor announces they are now hosting classes in a Garry's Mod DarkRP server.

Another moves to World of Warcraft.

Someone opens a Minecraft server with a 1:1 recreation of campus.

Chaos ensues.

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It'll be neat to see if more remote job opportunities open up in many industries going forward after all this blows over.

@Galuade @Duende

MHW is fairly solid I find, though a bit frustrating on some monsters as you learn how to properly fight 'em

My current build on it basically is a spread heavy bowgun, which is basically a shotgun and I'm set up to block almost every hit as long as I'm facing it and I don't shoot or reload during it.

@Galuade @Duende

I had to farm him so many times for a specific HBG

then I moved onto a new one once I got to the guiding lands

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Making my way downtown,
Scared of clowns,
Walking fast
Past the big top

Where do I get animal crackers that have bat crackers

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I always tell people immediately that I am terrible at responding to messages when they first meet me so there's no expectation that I'll reply ever in a timely manner

if they begin to complain when I don't message them frequently or I don't read their messages within a day, then usually I'm less inclined to open them further if it's a stranger, it kills all interest immediately for me to want to know the person


this is partially why I went with back wings instead of arm wings when I redesigned my bat

idk what's going on with the meta post stuff rn

all I do is post about coffee and bats and sometimes nerdy things

what'd I miss

question about computer networking stuff 

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