Squeak squeak

It's Sunday

rip Baturday

If you chant "bwoody mawy"into a mirror, do you summon her in a fursuit

I wish these kind of people would open up with something less thirsty and treat me like an actual person, not based on art they've seen of my fursona lmao

I've gotten some crazy ones over the years and it makes it hard to wanna get to know new people when my first thought when someone PMs me is "is this person genuinely interested in me as a person or are they just horny"


Random unsolicited DM of the day: "sned pics of your ass nad your dick"

gotta love strangers who slide into my DMs after they see porn of my fursona

I'm sleepy and gotta go to the dentist in a little bit, zzz

ffxiv parse 

lewd implications 

I'm dead tired and I have a meeting in 40 minutes, zzz.

@hyperlink it's like J. Jonah Jameson demanding pics of spiderman but instead it's you demanding mp3s of growling

I've run into a few people on here on Super Animal Royale so far.

If you see me in your lobby, you'll likely see a "Hewwo furiends" so you'll know it's me.

@Duende lemme just pour some WD-40 on you, that solves everything


@extinct every instance should have a baturday

I'm definitely not biased

🎡 Here at home, in this steeple
Made of chrome, above a city of steel
I've chosen bats over people
Because I never did liked the way humans made me feel!🎡

@violet haha, thanks!

I do think some bashion would be cool though since it is hard to get properly fitted stuff around those wings @_@

maybe a poncho with little v shaped cuts to avoid the wings could work or something, hmm

@violet thanks! though that's not a bandana, just his neck fur, he's a very fluffy boy

smol wings though so I don't think he can fly, probably needs to cut back on the strawberries a bit

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Show me your bat fursonas. I wanna see them.

sergal horny 

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