Got some new art for my stream, made by a good pal of mine, JD!

Feel free to stop on by sometime and say hi! I stream Mon/Tues/Fri at 5pm EDT and weekends at 9pm EDT (sometimes earlier!)

slowly getting into no man's sky and getting my bearings, game is neat but damn am I sad that I missed out on buying this pink penis shaped ship cause I was broke

cursed vr bat 

W̭̘̩̗̥̟ḥy̤̖̬̭̜ ̯̼̳̣̰͉̞a̘͕͎ͅr͈͜ͅẹ̹̥̱̲ t̴h̳͈̣̳ę̪̠̻ ̛̲s̢͓̠͓t̀r̞a̧͉̦͈͉ẉ̦b̴͉e̲͎̫͚͈̱̙r̡͙r̯̥̣͘i̹̝e̱s̹̙̭͍ ̴̠͚̠̠͉a̶̗̳͔͕l̹͉͉͖͖l̙̲̘̰̟̼͎ ̛g̰͎̻ó̝̮̲ṉ̷e̡̠ͅ?͓̩̻̫

instead of people complaining about pineapple on pizza, they should complain about this instead

It's fun when people find out my nose is boopable in Neos VR

It randomly plays one of twenty different sounds and has a 5% chance to 'break'

The reactions are always super amusing

when your character isn't unlocked yet

(it's actually just my new AFK texture on Neos VR)

getting VR Chat ready

gotta make sure that shading looks real good

Hopefully this video works fine on here.

Here's a test the other day of my bat avatar in Neos VR. Since this was made there's been a few tweaks, such as eye blinking, a bunch of expressions can be done (blush, cry, frown, smile, wing movements, etc), nose can be booped, etc.

Avatar was made by Scout (JoshuaMK2) on Twitter :3

I got the best username and userID combo in Temtem.

Posted some new stuff on the game project I'm working on!

Attached is a preview of our prototype character creator! Artwork isn't final but we're working on functionality related things and testing a bunch.

More stuff can be found on our Patreon, such as some visual updates and player activities, such as fishing:

Our twitter with the same info is:

lewd implied 

Whenever people see my fursona for the first time they're all like "Wow you're a cute fruit bat" and then they scroll through my gallery and it's like:

lewd furry art 

I feel like this recent commission I got from 6my is appropriate for the trending tag

Wildstar shut down exactly one year ago today on November 28th, 2018.

I still think about the game a lot. Here's my two main characters, Sicarius Reticent, a Cassian Stalker who I raided on (because Chua couldn't be Stalkers), and Surgeon Zappt, my Chua Medic.

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