I gave up earlier this year on soft blocking people to remove myself off these dumb lists, but now I wonder how many of these I can get my twitter added to just from shitposting and them randomly finding me in the wild

I always forget lists are even a thing until I get a new notification that someone added me to one lmao

half the time I tweet on it I feel like I only have people notice my dumb posts cause my gif avatar is eye catching <_<

New lewd art :3c - bondage, chastity, anal, leash/collar, pet play Show more

skimpy ffxiv glamour Show more

god this chocobo plush is massive

also featuring my fat cat

I don't remember if I shared it before but this is my gay catboy on FFXIV

I have a few other outfits for him that are just as fabulous

2009 vs 2019 meme Show more

I can't wait for the day one of my work colleagues asks to add my Steam and sees my awful profile

also I miss my eggplant emoji achievement showcase but steam removed it a few months ago, so I had to change it

I need to post more on here.

or as my button says, squeak more.


here's another fun fact: here's our VERY OLD original mockup from 2012 until we brought on Aden for the design we launched with (god this looked pretty awful, haha)

continuing off of this, we also redid our password requirements a few years ago and slipped in some egg puns

we also had some fun stuff going on like recurring egg jokes and interactions

even had egg thumbnails for april fools one year, which hatched/cracked when you clicked on 'em

mildly nsfw I guess? - underwear + squid helm Show more

someday I'll draw stuff not horrific

in the meantime, gimme a smooch

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