Welcome to the bat zone
Only come inside during daylight
Wiggly ears, double jointed armwings
Fresh fruit, elegant mastication
First the peach, then the plum

My teeth are in love with pear
Co-op cave explorer
Stuff my snout into a banana
Pat my head fluff
Echolocate my tired sprawls
Grape-feed me, and make it snappy

Bat, bat, bat, bat, bat, bat, bat, bat

(from @Heshbat on Twitter)

What's all the screeching?
My pear fell into a cave shaft
My peach glazed my snout with juice
Fertilize an orchard , to feed bats
Fruit craving skypup
Fruit stuffed bat
Flappy Rae Jepsen
Flap me baby
Screeching little bat
Night of the Living Bat
Nefarious Bat Mastermind

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Fruit makes me fearless

Fruit crammer, peach slammer
Fruit slammed my tum
Mail your mum pieces of my mango
Chug the plum, juice in tum
Fill my stomach full of fruit
Three little words
Eat fruit, nerd

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(this part is @Heshbat from Twitter again)

Wings flutter
Did i stutter
Watch my fruit pile
Maw stuffer
Juice huffer
All sounds I make are screechy
undercooked apple soup
Help my friend get a huge pear
Watermelon full of bat fun
Accidentally ate a vegetable
I barely had any grapes in me
Who ate all my pears? A mystery

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Fruit detective hot on the trail
Bats make screeches, I make speeches

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I'm tempted to commission someone to sing this and make it my stream starting song

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