I wish Telegram had a way to not let random people message me if I don't share common groups with them, similar to Discord.

Getting real tired of this one single person who constantly makes new accounts to bother my friends and I. He's been doing this for 4 fucking years.

None of us want to talk to him and he'll just make a brand new account and PM us out of the blue as if we'd ever want to speak with him or be his friend.

Like holy shit, learn to take no for an answer already


I have blocked and reported his account as spam for more than 10 accounts now and told him off a few times. Now I just block without saying anything and report.

This guy will even add people who mention me and ask them to tell me to unblock him

like jesus christ

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@bat Telegram really likes to drag their feet on important features. Like this, or /me.



It's ridiculous that my only option if I want this guy to stop is to remove my public username.

I don't understand why they don't introduce a better system of control over who you can message. I'm surprised they don't limit new accounts from messaging random people


@bat They do give an option to block someone new after they message you, but, but yeah.

I'm really surprised Telegram hasn't banned this guy's number for block-dodging yet. Like, this problem was technologically and administratively solved by older platforms years ago. >.<



I wouldn't be surprised if he's had to change his number from being blocked

My friends and I aren't the only people he does this too either from what I've found from digging around. Guy got banned on FA on multiple accounts.

It's pretty pathetic that he continues to do this and waste his time.

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