me 10 years ago: haha fuck math I won't need that in my career

me now: at work, spending my morning updating formulas to calculate projections based on user behaviour / trends for the past quarter to determine how to grow various revenue streams using several KPIs and user subsets based on a variety of threshold values

also me: working on a video game in my spare time, which requires math to determine anything from gameplay (collisions, movement) to art (scaling, cameras), etc


I don't actually hate math

numbers are kinda fun to play with

@bat I hated my college math classes. It was like theory without application; crunch the numbers, don't ask why.

I've used more vectors and geometry in the past year than I have since school.

@faoluin If they did "don't ask why", it kinda' suggests it wasn't theory either :)


@azure @faoluin @bat Ugh, seriously? That's like.... the opposite of learning! And it sucks all the joy out of math!

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