Is there a mouse that doesn't have random clicking issues (randomly double clicks when I single click) 'cause this logitech mouse I got 5 months ago now has it for me

I've gone through literally 5+ mice in 3 years because of double clicking issues, this is getting real tiring.

@bat my g300s is ... idk. ~3 years old and just now giving me issues (every now and then deselects what I'm holding unless i shove my fist onto left click)

@bat which is either bc i need to clean it inside or it's just finally had enough

@trashyfins I have used:

Feb 28, 2016 to Nov 8, 2016 - Mionix AVIOR 7000
due to scroll wheel issues (randomly would scroll up when scrolling down)

Nov 8 2016 to Nov 16 2017 -
Second AVIOR 7000, I used it then it double click broke

Nov 16 2017 to July 5 2018 - was a Steelseries Sensei 310, double click issue

July 5 2018 to July 5 2019 - (exactly 1 year lmao) was Corsair Gaming M65 PRO RGB, double click issue

July 5 2019 to now -
Logitech Pro Hero Gaming, double click issue

@bat this might sound atrocious, but have any of these been used in other computers/operating systems (on different machines also)

it's either a very crap bug or you have like hacker level double click skill

@trashyfins I work remotely + game a ton

in an average month I click/double click probably 3 million times, lots of clicking on things and copy pasting data from one spreadsheet to another, then changing it, etc

also checked on my laptop to be sure each time

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