Anyone know of any good alternatives for synchronized streaming for movie nights with friends?

@bat Isn't kast their followup project? Same idea no?

@seven sort of but you have to be the one doing the streaming to people afaik, app is very unstable and lots of audio issues when I tried it

it's nowhere near as good imo


@seven it's also not a follow-up, they purchased's tech when they bankrupted when their investor pulled out suddenly and killed it completely, so kast basically bought their tech/patents and such

@bat So you want it server hosted but fully controllable on your end yeah?

@seven yeah, ideally, was nice due to the VMs because you could hand control to someone else to put something on without it being your own personal machine. I've seen a few alternatives and I've considered just spinning up a VM to handle a similar thing but with just one person controlling it, I dunno

@bat The cost on streaming is pain, trust me... O_o but... there are ways... #OTV is such a project, but it's not fully user submitted. It's more like "user suggested" and eventually will have the ability for people to essentially king of the hill control content (just whats actually available in the library). Not the same but also, similar...

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