I logged into Warframe the other day and totally forgot one of my Mandachord songs for Octavia is 'Beep Beep I'm a Sheep'

I've also got Absolute Territory, a remix of E1M1, a Chocobo Song, Ocean Man, and a few others.

Wonder what other songs I should add to the collection.

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I'm kind of clueless on what I want to or should be doing to progress in Warframe though (I can't really do the high level squad thing well, even), so I don't play it much lol

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Gosh dang now I wanna play warframe again and with you just to hear it

@TimMad I wouldn't mind that sometime! I'm not that good at it and when I tried it again after a year break I couldn't even move properly and kept running into walls so I'm completely awful now haha

Dunno when I'd be playing it again, but if you ever do wanna play, I think I'm 'a_bat' on there


Cool! Im just TimMad I believe. I havent played in like a year and a half myself but I was pretty deep into it and remember most of it. I dont know the new stuff tho :o I think i was a relatively high level? But im all about either learnign from someone better or teaching the game to newer players! I used to just join lv1 nodes just to help out the BRAND new peeps comin in ^^

@TimMad Sure thing! I learned a bit from some friends who played a ton before, but they also were like.. millions of leagues above me in terms of game knowledge and strength and would just absolutely destroy everything with ease and I'd just be trying not to die mostly, haha.


Best part is that if You lead the party, the enemies scale to your level (assuming we're on an appropriate node) so you can deffo go at your own pace. Ive got a couple Tanks as well to soak up damage and stand around doing Not Muchβ„’ while you feel stuff out. Its the best way to do It I found, let them figure stuff out and swoop in if needed :polite_cat:​

@TimMad I think for the most part I've got a good grasp at the game itself and know what to do in most situations!

I just get absolutely annihilated and don't really know how I should be building specific warframes or weapons to mitigate that. Sometimes I feel like I just immediately die on anything level 60+ or so and at 90+ I feel like my damage is so minimal that I might as well be AFK.

Might just be poor choice of Riven mods or I'm not optimizing my gear, so any help would be awesome, haha


Imma have to get mroe back into the swing of things for that kinda help but Im sure we can figure it out!

@TimMad Awesome, sounds good to me!

I've also barely done any of the open world stuff other than like.. fishing a little bit, so all of that stuff I'm also really clueless on haha.


Oof gonna be a big same on that. I think ive done 1? Eidolon hunt and it didnt go well lmao

@TimMad I've never even seen them as far as I know! I think I had a friend possibly destroy one before I even got nearby cause he is absurdly strong but I could be mistaken. Been ages since I played @_@ (Like a year or more, other than briefly checking out the hoverboard)


Yeah theyre ROUGH if you dont know what youre doing. Have to fill specific requirements to even damage the jerks


Its almost re-downloaded lmao. Takin a bit. I hit ya with the add and then be off to bed :P

@TimMad Sounds good! I was busy after work yesterday but I should be more free today so you might see me on!


I unfortunately work 12 hrs today but tomorrow or monday works a lit better ^^

@TimMad Sure, not a problem! Hope work goes well!

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